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Plasma Fibroblasting

While often described as the fourth state of matter, plasma is actually a gas. Unlike ordinary neutral gases, plasma is made up of positively charged ionized molecules which are able to roam. Plasma gas is able to do things that ordinary gases simply cannot do, such as conduct electricity, create magnetic fields and enable electrostatic interactions. Plasma gases exhibit coherent, collective qualities that neutral gases don’t and this makes them dynamic yet controllable. 

Through our Plasma Pen, the nitrogen plasma energy we create transfers rapidly to the skins epidermal layer, whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. This allows us to rebuild the scaffolding of the skin, resulting in long lasting, astonishing results.

Price Ranges $ 750 - $ 7,500 

Hyapen Needleless Filler

The HyaPen is a state of the art, highly engineered device, which safely and accurately volumizes the lip. No needles, no pain, no downtime. Affordable, effective, instant & safe, the HyaPen Pro, understands the science & philosophy of aesthetics. This highly engineered and controlled device helps the practitioner volumize your lip without the risk of trauma, tissue damage, nerve damage or uneven results.  No need for numbing, as it is a virtually pain free procedure. Your Hyapen Professional has been highly trained to deliver the product at 1mm, 2mm & 3mm depths therefore eliminating all risks from this procedure! Treatment time is quick, with NO social downtime.

Price Ranges $ 325 - $ 700

Hand MethodPermanent Makeup

There is just something special about art created by hand. Few things last so long and remain so beautiful, but when done by hand, permanent cosmetics most certainly can. Unlike modern body tattoos, our permanent makeup is implanted by hand. Kim Maney believes that the natural versatility and artistic nature of the hand method is perfect for delicate work, which is why she chooses to specialize in the hand method for permanent makeup. She is a talented artist with gentle hands, that will design your cosmetics exactly as you want them, down to the tiniest point of color before beginning. During the procedure, sterile tools are dipped in pigment and then gently tapped or glided throughout the area according to the design.

Prices range $ 400- $ 795

Touch-ups Range $ 250 - $ 550


L.E.D. Light Therapy

This L.E.D. light Skincare System is a safe,  advanced light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck and hands.

Here, this system uses photo-pulsation technology, allowing people to have an effective, safe, and non-invasive cosmetic skin care application. The L.E.D. wavelengths which are used in our system are less than half the strength of lasers used at their lowest levels, and therefore are completely harmless, yet effective.

Price ranges from $ 55 - $ 325

L.E.D. Teeth Whitening

LED light works alongside a tooth-whitening agent. The light will not change the color of your teeth if used alone. However, it does act as a catalyst to speed up the reactions in the whitening process when combined with a whitening agent. Commonly-used whitening agents are hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide, safe, slow-acting bleaches, that when applied to teeth will react, breaking down into hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide removes superficial stains and deeper discoloration by altering their chemical structure.

Price Ranges $ 99 - $ 225

Microcurrent Face Tightening

A micro-current facial is often referred to as a “natural” face lift. ... A micro-current facial emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents (hence 'micro' current), which mirror your own body's electrical currents, on a cellular level to repair damaged skin and stimulate Collagen and Elastin production. Micro-current facials tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, and have been proven and shown to reduce wrinkles

Price Ranges $ 75 - $ 650


 Ionic Footbath Detox

Stress, toxins, heavy metals, foods we eat and electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones and computers leave most of us out of balance, which can leave the mind & body feeling depleted. Our blood, tissues and organs all act like filters. As you'd expect, filters need regular cleaning, so do our bodies.  A combination of clean water, clean natural foods, exercise and mental relaxation are a fantastic start, and Ionic detox and lymphatic drainage, are to finish. The principle of this Ionic Detoxification system is to use micro current to facilitate the movement and transfer of ions in and out of cells, to restore the balance of positive and negative charges of cells. This painless, non-invasive micro current opens up the pathways to the vital ion channels, helping to stimulate natural cellular detox function.

Prices Range $ 35- $ 250

Acne Reversal

L.E.D. light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits, particularly in stimulating collagen, and treating mild to moderate acne. Bluelight L.E.D. works by killing ropionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that lives below the surface of the skin and is responsible for acne.  A form of photo-therapy, blue light treatments are FDA-approved for Acne Vulgaris- that is moderate to severe,  or has not responded to other therapies. The wavelength of blue light has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can collect in your pores and oil glands and cause significant breakouts. Photo-therapy is remarkably effective for treating acne lesions, and scarring,  especially acne that’s caused by inflammation or bacteria. While there’s no 100% cure for acne, photo-therapy is backed up by significant research as the most effective acne management tool.  

Price Ranges $ 65- $ 450

Plasma Resurfacing

Plasma Pen is the most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation method of procedure used to treat wrinkles, sagging, dull and uneven skin tone. The Plasma Pen is the latest device used to perform fibroblast therapy. This technique is used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin  in the skin. As Plasma Skin Tightening is more than a simple "tightening treatment", the upper epidermal skin is actually removed, and skin is remodeled in the dermal tissue by mild thermal trauma, so the effects last as long as they would with much more invasive surgeries and procedures. Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of the Plasma treatments are not entirely permanent, as they do not stop any further aging. One can expect  realistically 3-5 year long lasting results, as opposed to the average 3-6 months of improvement from seen from comparably priced injectable products.

Price Ranges $ 750 - $ 1,500


Stem cells and their benefits

Introducing Alchemy Aesthetics MD

   Jane Iredale Cosmetic Skincare


We’re Colorescience, and we know healthy skin.

From sunlight, to pollution, to free radicals, we believe in going way beyond UV. We’re obsessively overprotective about preventing skin damage. And that’s exactly why physicians love us.

We know skincare innovation.

We believe skincare battles are best won before they are fought. Because investing in scientific innovation now, means we won’t have to pay the price for free radicals later.

We know sun protection.

When it comes to sunscreen, we believe it should be a purely physical relationship—not a chemical one. Because the best defense is a mineral suncare offense.


Know Better Skin.

The Boutique

Our goal is to promote fine artisans and to carry less common fashion designs and accessory pieces for a unique look not seen just everywhere, or even anywhere else. We are Where the ordinary turns in to the Extraordinary. We are Aristocats!


Cancellation Policy 

We are extremely dedicated at Aristocat's, and strive continually to offer our undivided attention and devote our quality time to each and every one of our patrons. Our time is also valuable. If you are unable to keep an appointment with us, we require a 48 cancellation notice to avoid a 50% service charge for the service that was scheduled. This policy shall be strictly enforced with any individuals who fail to show for an appointment without any​ notice whatsoever. We thank you for your compliance and understanding. 


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